Our classes are taught by trained, enthusiastic and caring teachers who understand child development and love working with children and adults. Moore Than Dance's core values of Joy and Creativity, Wholesomeness, Growth Mindset and Divine Value resonate throughout all of our classes and camps. Classes meet weekly from September to June. 

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6 Months to 3 Year Olds

"Movin' with the Moose!" is a comprehensive preschool dance and performing arts program developed by Angela Mannella-Hoffman.

Classes will help your child develop the skills necessary to get ready for school, cultivate kindness and self-esteem, and find joy in creativity. 

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3 to 6 Year Olds

If your child loves to sing, leap, create, twirl and dance around the living room, its time to bring them to Moore Than Dance! Our caring and compassionate instructors will teach your child proper dance technique in a fun and professional way.

7 to 12 Year Olds

As your child continues to grow, both in technique and self-esteem, our wide variety of class offerings gives your child the chance to shine!

12 Years & Older

Our teen classes range from beginner to advanced with many different styles to choose from.

MTD's values of modesty, wholesomeness and self-esteem are solidified during this time in your child's life. 

Special Stars

Moore Than Dance's award-winning Special Stars program is unique to our studio. Our dancers face various medical and physical challenges, but they don't let that stop them from dancing! 


Dancers are taught proper technique by our exceptional teachers and assistants in a loving and joy-filled way. Just like our other combination classes, our Special Stars learn ballet, tap and jazz. Dancers learn combinations, work across the floor and use our specially modified ballet barres. These barres are uniquely made for dancers in wheelchairs. The Special Stars even take a dance number to competition. 

Due to the nature of this class, we encourage you to contact us to secure correct placement for your child.