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Ballet with Millie!

"Movin' with the Moose!" is a comprehensive preschool dance and performing arts program developed by Angela Mannella-Hoffman.

Classes will help your child develop the skills necessary to get ready for school, cultivate kindness and self-esteem, and find joy in creativity. 

Tutus & Taps

If your child loves to twirl and leap around the living room, it's time to dance on over to Moore Than Dance! Proper ballet and tap technique are taught using props and our imaginations! Students spend half of the class working on ballet and the other half on tap. Our Tutus and Taps classes perform both a ballet and tap number at our Spring Recital.


This combination class is perfect for families who may be short on time. Proper ballet, tap and jazz technique are taught using age appropriate music and dance steps. Students practice and develop all three disciplines by learning combinations, across the floor and age appropriate dances.


Ballet is the foundation of all other dance styles. Beginner to advanced students are taught vocabulary, proper alignment and classical ballet technique by using the barre, center and across the floor work. Classes include adagio and allegro work and combinations using balance, strength and style.


Proper tap technique is taught using age appropriate music and dance steps. Students practice by learning combinations, across the floor and age appropriate dances.

Musical Theater

Moore Than Dance believes in developing “Triple-threat” performers. We encourage all of our students to study dance, singing and acting. In our Musical Theater classes, performers learn proper singing and dance technique taught by working professionals in the arts. Students learn about breath support, belting, and how to manipulate their voices to create different sounds and how to incorporate choreography into their singing. 

Shooting Stars

Dancers are taught proper technique by our exceptional teachers and assistants in a loving and joy-filled way. Just like our other combination classes, our Special Stars learn ballet, tap and jazz. Dancers learn combinations, work across the floor and use our specially modified ballet barres. These barres are uniquely made for dancers in wheelchairs. The Special Stars even take a dance number to competition. 

Teen Dance

Triple Threat

Want to take it to the next level? Join our Triple-Threat team!

This audition only team of singers, dancers and actors, use their skills to represent Moore Than Dance in the community. They learn a number of group songs as well as solos, duets and trios. They gain invaluable experience by performing throughout the Twin Cities.

Turns & Leaps

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