Dance Instructors in Minneapolis, MN

Isabelle Dircks

Dance Instructor

Isabelle’s official dance training began when she was 10 years old at Moore Than Dance with the owner Angela Mannella-Hoffman as her very first teacher. Since then she has gone on to be trained in Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap, and Jazz. She even had been a part of the Competition Team at Moore Than Dance from 2015-2021, and won countless awards and even some judges choice awards for her solos. Isabelle began her assistant training under the help of Angela when she was 14 years old, helping out with the various classes that are provided at Moore Than Dance.

Following her graduation this past year from Fridley High School she will be continuing to work at Moore Than Dance as a full time assistant, and dance teacher. She is so excited to finally be a full time teacher for Moore Than Dance!!