Lily Conforti.jpg

Lillian Conforti

Building Ballet - Wed


1st, 2nd and 5th position pliés

Kicks with pointed toes 

Leaps with straight legs




Rolls to the ground 


Surprise leaps

Grace Kidder

Grace Kidder

Musical Theater

Continuing to solidify basic ballet technique. Isolations (moving one part of the body without moving the rest, i.e. head, shoulders, torso). Introducing new steps that move across the floor. Reading music. Acting exercises


Selina Houchins

BTJ - Level 1

Working on proper preps for pirouettes.

Single pirouettes.

Start working on all barre movements to the back with proper turnout and pointed toe.

Learn how to break down counts of 8 without teacher assistance.

BTJ - Level 2

Work on both jazz and ballet pirouettes on both legs.

Start working releve movements without the barre assistance. 

Learn ankle strengthening warm ups and conditioning.

Work on each student counting out the movements in tap without assistance.

BTJ - Level 3

Work on jazz and ballet pirouettes.

Working towards doubles on both legs with proper upper body placement and control.

Work on spotting exercises.

Have each student be able to count out a short tap combo without assistance.

Teen Dance

Work on different types of leaps and how to prep into each of them.

Work on flexibility on the barre and learn partner stretches to help front and back leg extensions.

Learn more in depth floor work and transitions to the floor from other movements.

Have 2 counts of 8 of set choreography they make themselves during improve movement.

Tiny Tumblers

Start working on cartwheels with spotting with two different kinds of prep.

Learn dance building movements across the floor.

Learn short combos across the mats.

Learn how to take turns across the mats every 8 counts.

Beginning Tumbling

Work on combos across the mats both sides going across simultaneously.

Learn dance basics that will lead into tricks.

Work on extensions to the back with lower lumbar strengthening.

Work on balance and releve exercises on the mats.

Intermediate Tumbling

Work on memorizations of medium length combinations on the mats.

Work on strengthening bad side in all preps and beginning level tricks.

Work on back strengthening and pushing for straight lines in all back extensions.

Work on one leg and balance exercises on the mats.