At Moore Than Dance we believe the Performing Arts are a vehicle for each child to discover their self-worth. We place a high value on service, community involvement and personal excellence. Performing is not just about the trophies, costumes and glitz. Our performers have formed lasting friendships, been able to express themselves through the arts and have grown as both people and performers. 


Moore Than Dance is proud to make a difference in dance studio culture. We believe that arts education brings people together, inspires them and helps them dream. 


We want our students to become triple-threat performers with an appreciation of dance, theater and music. 


We know that our students may have different goals and that is why we offer a number of different styles of classes and commitment levels. 

Why Choose Moore Than Dance?


You want a studio that is family-friendly and truly cares about you.

You want to make sure your son/daughter is in age appropriate costumes and dance numbers.

You want your child to learn singing, dancing and acting in a professional setting.

You want your child to learn from teachers who are caring, passionate, educated and committed to your child’s growth.

Your child will get many performance opportunities. They can participate in our Spring Recital, full-length musicals, community performances, competitions or in our “mini” musicals.

You want your child to learn proper technique even with their very first class. Our Movin’ with the Moose! Program helps your child develop a love of the arts in a creative and nurturing way.

You want your child to learn about diversity and the power of the arts to transform anyone.

Our Special Stars classes are for those dancers with special needs and challenges.

It is a great program for all of our students to learn from.

You want your child to have a well-rounded life. At Moore Than Dance, we want that too! Therefore, we allow ongoing registration. Our dancers are also athletes, artists and scholars.