Welcome to Teaching to the Camera! My name is Angela Mannella-Hoffman and I have been working on camera since I was nine years old. In my career I have done over 300 commercials, voice-overs and industrials. I’ve been lucky enough to host a children’s TV series and was a Disc Jockey for a National Children's Radio Station. But I am also a dancer and Studio Owner and like you, Covid-19 changed everything.

I know how hard it can be to engage our dancers in the studio, and it is even harder to engage them online. I’m here to give you some practical tips and advice to make your online dance classes exciting, entertaining and educational.


Why now? Even though your state may be opening back up, and you are moving back into the studio, the threat isn’t over. Fear is everywhere and your dance parents might not be ready to send their dancers physically back into your studio. It’s important to learn these skills as parents and students expect more, and another shutdown may occur. But no matter what, you will be ready to Teach to the Camera!

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